Friday, September 14, 2012

Ads on Ads on Ads

"Sex sells" is one of the most popular motto's today about advertising. From ads about alcohol to car ads, sex appeal is used to catch the viewers attention, and persuade them to purchase their product. The commercials and ads using sex appeal however don't play them on every channel. For example, Axe body spray commercials using sexual innuendos and pretty girls in little clothing to advertise the product. They aren't necessarily saying that if you use Axe that you will have pretty promiscuous girls all over you, but when the commercial comes on and a teenage boy sees a pretty girl their attention has been caught and they remember the product. This is one example that comes to mind

When medicine shows started to become popular they also targeted their audiences with what appealed to them. One show that we read about used a bust of William Shakespeare, with a bottle of medicine next to it warding off a dead body. Not only was Shakespeare a name that many people knew, but it also targeted intellectuals who saw Shakespeare's plays. There main sales-ploy was to conjure up the magic of self transformation through purchase. Glamour was a spell used to make people attractive on the outside with something rotting on the inside. Just as we call girls with make up and high price clothing and jewelry glamorous, they are pretty on the outside and most likely have a bad attitude. Just like sexually appealing commercials you wouldn't see a make up commercial on a sports channel, you wouldn't see an Arabian Nights themed medicine show for an audience that prefers Shakespeare.